So I often type web addresses directly into the URL line on my browser. Today I did that, but erroneously included a misspelling. The site I wanted to go to was, but instead I typed And I got an odd response. It popped back with a spammy redirect address… I did this a few times. Once redirect ended up at to , once to, and once to When I watch the process carefully, I can see the first redirect is going to

Uh oh. I must have a virus? So I do a whole lot of testing. I don’t directly find anything. So I do some more testing. Turns out somebody bought and that site responds accordingly. Site just pushes out garbage and crap. Not sure if that is intentional, but that’s my guess. Total garbage stuff. What has the internet become? Site verified via Note: and on the chance that the site is legit and just got hacked, I did send an email off to the site owner / abuse contact informing them of same.