So I’m working on my desktop computer (with hard wired mouse) and every once in awhile the computer operating system (Windows 10) will start making notification noises and the mouse freezes up. Drives me batty. But I keep working on. Occasionally the cursor will freeze on the screen, so I place the computer into sleep mode (with a quick push on the power button) and then wake it up after a minute or two. That frees up the cursor.

But the problem doesn’t go away, it just gets worse. And I’ve already bought new mice over this in the past.

So today, I try something different. I take the mouse apart. I use a pair of tweezers and a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust dirt and HAIRS (2 each) from inside the mouse. Put it back together and presto! No more issues. I think one of the hairs got trapped in the top scroll wheel just enough to play havoc with the optical rotary encoder the operates from that wheel. Total easy fix. No more woes.