Hmmm.. So I’m checking my local Craigslist, looking for some wall mount speakers with the search terms “wall speakers”. Lo and behold, in my results I’m getting a whole bunch of ads from a Scuz Bucket selling artificial turf. Huh? So check the ad, and at first glance it’s pretty innocent.. a few lines of text advertising artificial turf. So wait a minute, how did that one pop on my search? So I do a Control-F search, and zing, there are displayed a huge amount of spam search terms hidden away in the ad. It seems the guy hid a bunch of stuff in a

way off to the right margin. There seem to be over a thousand words there.

Clearly a violation of Craiglist’s terms of service. The terms of service clearly prohibit “spam; miscategorized, overposted, cross-posted, or nonlocal content”. So yeah, the guy is an unscrupulous businessman. Would you buy anything from someone who thinks its okay to break the rules? Do you think these guys have an ounce of integrity? Someone you’d trust?