So I was talking to a former mechanic friend of mine. We were talking about tools. I was saying I don’t really understand why, but I just like owning nice tools and I really like that all the tools come from the same manufacturer. It’s like they’re an organized, integrated set. Yes I know that’s pretty anal… the sign of a perfectionist. (I always thought Snap On should give away a 15 piece tool set.. let folks get started and addicted. They’d make lots of money in the long run.)

Trucks in sandbox

But sometimes being really a perfectionist is a good thing, particularly where design and engineering come together. When you design something you really want it to be the best it can be. (insert your own rant here…)

The funny thing was, in talking to this friend, I was explaining that I was so anal that as a young kid, I couldn’t play with trucks and cars in the sandbox unless they were all the same scale. It just didn’t make sense that a Tonka Truck and a Hot Wheels car were on the same road together. Don’t know where that comes from, but I couldn’t have been more than six or seven. My friend, laughed and admitted he had the same scale issue when he was a kid.

Trucks in the sandbox image from Sandra Miller at ShutterBEANPhotography