Welcome to Dog Feather Design. We are proud to provide technical assistance in problem solving. We strive to make your business successful, by providing information tools for you to excel in your business.
Dog Feather Design provides Software and Engineering Services. Our Values:
Customized Software Development:      Sure there are plenty of pre-packaged software solutions out there, and frankly, if they meet your needs you'd be well off purchasing one of them, and not pay us a dime! If, however, that prepackaged solution doesn't quite meet your needs, consider having us design you a custom solution or addition to your already existing software. Is it time to improve your service or communication to your customers? Or perhaps you already have a workable system, but find yourself wishing you wanted to make a change in your server situation? Maybe you want to convert from Microsoft servers to Linux Apache to save on monthly costs. Perhaps you've had a change in your Information Technology (IT) support and you now want to place your computer needs at an on-line service with secure web access. You might be surprised at how much money and hassle you can save right now. We can help!

Software Remediation:      Did you just discover the software you bought doesn't quite do what you wanted it to do? Or did you have your sister's kid in college start that big ambitious software project, but can't seem to get enough time to finish it for you? Give us a call. We have a large variety of software experience. We'd love the opportunity to take on the challenge, complete or improve your application and make you successful. Is it time for a web site support system that integrates with your small or medium business management system with little bit of customization specifically for you? Don't you wish your systems would talk to each other, so you didn't have to type stuff into a computer three times?

What we are Not:      We are not an IT only resource. Our business is in solving problems, not in maintain your hardware. You may well have local folks supporting you for that. We're the folks you want to consider when you need just a little more business function, and the programming is just a little (or a lot!) beyond the scope of your current IT folks.

Tools:      We have experience in JavaScript (including Node, Express, React, SvelteKit), PHP (including Symfony, Custom Plugins, Wordpress, Joomla), Java and JavaEE (incl Faces, Struts and Spring), Progressive Web Apps, C/C++, Visual Basic, Unreal Game Engine, OpenCV. Microsoft Access and XL macros. We've also done some native Android App development, including XMPP and chat servers. We've done work in Voice over IP, digital audio including digital filtering and theory of CAD (Bsplines, Nurbs and Curves.) We've done work in: Integration to PLC controllers, Integration to data acquisition / controllers, as well as statistical tester software for an automotive manufacturing environment.

Did you ever think "I wish I could do this one thing..." ??      When it comes to software, if you can imagine it, it's real. That's not to say it's going to be easy, but almost always any task imagined can be completed. I guess there are a couple of exceptions, like say alchemy and magic. But, hey, what we do is one step away from magic!
Welcome to Dog Feather Design. We are proud to provide technical assistance in problem solving. We strive to make your business successful, by providing information tools for you to excel in your business.
Dog Feather Design provides Software and Engineering Services. Our Values:
  • Our focus is on software to enable you to manage your business better.
  • We provide easy to understand, intuitive information tools. (Less is More!)
  • Having fun is always a component of our work.
  • Respect, honesty and integrity are integral parts of our communications with you.
  • We solve problems in a wide variety of engineering and business disciplines. When we share ideas across different disciplines everybody comes out a winner!
Key concepts:
  • Data should only have to be entered once and only once within your company.
  • The tools you use should be intuitive and simple to use! (i.e. Less is more!)
  • The boss needs to know the total cost of running your business, at a moment's notice.
  • We work as problem solver implementers to keep you on track in your business and activities. Problem solving is at the root of our existence.
  • Work smarter, not harder. Improve your Return on Sales and Profit Margin by reducing overhead, reducing waste and preventing costly mistakes everywhere.
Problem Solving Method:
  • Join team, define and quantify the problem.
  • Identify and implement effective Interim Containment of the problem.
  • Investigate and verify true root cause of any issue.
  • Implement permanent corrective action, including identifying measurement technique to ensure continued progress.
  • Provide feedback to prevent re-occurance of root cause factors.
Philosophies we believe strongly in:
  • We take inspiration from the Toyota Methods of long term philosophy, right process for right results, development of people/partners, and continuously solving root problems to improve the organization.
  • We encourage the use of statistics where it makes sense to do so, and where everybody involved understands the concepts. This includes sampling, MonteCarlo techniques, and graphical representation of results.
  • We encourage open communication between you and your employees. Have you considered a daily or weekly morning report? We can help!
  • Design for Simplicity and Intuitiveness. Make it easy, keep it simple. Make the effective output useful. Sometimes the output is a graph, an automatically generated email, customized Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or even a control system to monitor a critical process in your business.
We're here to help you solve business problems.

  • We've got a lot of experience, and we really really understand the WHY, as well as the WHAT & HOW.
  • Software isn't a necessity, it's just one tool in the arsenal.
  • We've spent a lot of time in the corporate culture working on identifying cost saves & cost reductions.
  • Ask us about business and management consultations. Let us help you improve your profitability!
  • We'd be happy to privately consult with you and your management team. We will prepare honest assessments, offer improvements and help your bottom line.
  • Some might consider the list of job experiences on this page just a fancy skill set. It isn't just having the skill set that's critical. It's what you use that makes a difference. Its just as much about attitude. Did we say, having fun is a critical part of our business? When you set goals, something inside of you starts saying, "Let's go, let's go" and the world starts to move up.   (Paraphrases from Zig Ziglar, numerous texts.)